A Fresh Start

Can great tasting bread also be good for you?

At Great Harvest, we know that it can! We make the best-tasting bread in Charlotte, and it just happens to be the most nutritious as well!  It only takes a few ingredients to make great whole wheat bread: fresh-ground whole-wheat flour, water, honey, yeast and salt. In fact, bread is better when you keep it simple. It’s even better when you use the highest quality ingredients you can find. For us, that means stone-grinding our wheat every day right here in our bakery in Charlotte. Using fresh stone-ground flour and the best ingredients creates bread with several distinctive advantages:

Superior taste & texture - you can taste the phenomenal freshness in every bite of our bread; it's the best in town!

Maximum natural nutrition - fresh flour allows all the whole-grain goodness to be baked right into the bread.  Our breads have more protein, more antioxidants and more nutrition than any other bread you can buy OR make!

Longer Shelf Life - we use no preservatives, and yet the bread you take home should keep for at least a week at room temperature. Since our breads contain no added fats or oils, they are also perfect for freezing.

Don't just take our word for it! Try it for yourself! Step up to our breadboard for a free slice any time!
Great Harvest Bread of Charlotte