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Piper Glen

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Happy New Year to all of our wonderful, loyal customers who supported us in 2014 and years past!  In 2015 we pledge to continue our mission of providing great tasting ways to increase your whole-grain consumption.  As you may know, overwhelming scientific evidence shows the long-term health benefits derived from increasing whole-grain in your diet, including REDUCING CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, DECREASING THE INCIDENCE OF DIABETES, REDUCING THE RISK OF CERTAIN CANCERS and  LOSING AND/OR MAINTAINING PROPER WEIGHT. Rely on us as your Whole-Grain Headquarters to provide your family with the nutrition they need: healthy breakfast treats, snacks, natural whole-grain breads for your children's lunches, and fabulous savory breads for dinner and football get-togethers.
We have returned to more of a “pre-holiday” menu, where we have your beloved Extreme Cinnamon Swirl on both Fri. and Sat. Our “cornbread” this month is Santa fe cornbread (on Thurs), with corn kernels, tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro and cheddar cheese (). Pumpernickel rye also returns on Thurs, as per your requests. Since January tends to be a “soup” month, we’ll be making single-size bread bowls on Thurs, in time for the weekend. On the sweets side, it’s been a looooong time since you saw turtle bars, but they are BACK, on Wed. We’re making choc. chip scotchie cookies on Thurs, adding choc. chips to the old butterscotch favorite. Wednesday muffins this month will be Snickerdoodle, and we celebrate the reprise of blueberry oat bran on Sat! Baker’s Choice scuffins return on Tues, and you’ll see berry white choc. on Wed and a melding of two products to bring you apricot almond poppyseed on Thurs.
Come on in for a free slice, 'cause you know we love to feed ya!!!